Den folgenden Text habe ich zuerst auf Englisch geschrieben – er floss einfach so aus mir heraus. Danach wollte ich ihn auf Deutsch übersetzen, doch das Endergebnis klang eher nach einer Märchenerzählung Zwölfjährigen, als nach einem kreativen Text einer 22-Jährigen.
Ich wünsche dennoch viel Spaß beim Lesen 😉 


There are a couple of makeup brands out there that everyone knows and loves, MAC for instance. But then there are those brands, that are mainly known for certain products, rather their name. One of those is Urban Decay. Unlike MAC, where you just believe that every product is great because everyone loves the brand, with the Naked palettes, the brand wasn’t even important.
I feel like literally, every girl has heard of the Naked Palette but not all of them necessarily know the brand behind the gorgeous eyeshadows.
I know this because I was one of them! 


Before I even knew how to properly apply makeup and understand that doing your brows really changes your face, I knew that there was this eyeshadow palette out there, full of beautiful and long-lasting nude tones. And even though I had no clue whatsoever on the creators of this palette, I still wanted one when it came out in 2010.

Fast forward 7 years later and I am still dreaming about the palettes. In the past years, Urban Decay has brought out two new versions of the first palette, as well as a Naked Basic palette. And while basically all of my friends that are somewhat interested in makeup sooner or later caved and bought one of the many Urban Decay palettes, I didn’t.


The main reason behind that was the big price. I simply couldn’t justify spending over 50€ for makeup, especially since there were tons of dupes out there. Nude eyeshadow palettes are done by everyone. But then I bought the Hourglass Ambient Light Edit Palette that was way more expensive with only 6 different powders in it. Still, I didn’t feel like splurging on a Naked. I got to thinking that the main reason I didn’t get one wasn’t only the money. It was mainly the fact that I didn’t love every shade in the several palettes.
One had too many cool tones, the other one to many pinks…none of the three main palettes convinced me enough to actually want to spend 50+ euros… Until this year! 

Finally, Urban Decay brought out the palette for my liking: Naked Heat

DSC_002712 warm shades composed of mattes and shimmery colours in the perfect mix between classic nudes and reddish earthy tones. There’s not a single shadow that I wouldn’t use and thus as soon as I saw the palette, it was a no brainer for me that I had to get it. 




While a lot of people feel like there is a black shadow missing, I personally love the fact that the Naked Heat hasn’t got one. I never wear black eyeshadow and for me, palettes with a black tone always seemed to be wasting the space of what could have been another beautiful shadow…


Instead of doing your classical review blog post on a new makeup product, I decided to simply tell you the story of how I came to this gorgeous piece, since a) I feel like everyone on the internet already did one and b) all I could say about it, is that I absolutely love it.
I’ve been playing around with the colours and what looks good together and haven’t stopped wearing at least one shade a day, ever since I got my palette.


I am so glad I waited this long to buy a Naked palette and not to spend a lot of money on a product that I didn’t love one hundred percent. I guess this just goes to show, that sometimes something better will come eventually… 


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